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Gi Review: Do or Die Hyperfly

Over the ~20 years that I have been practicing BJJ, I have worn literally dozens of types of kimonos.  I have always felt the need to always get a different gi when I need a new one.  I always want to test the waters and see what is out there and what is new and exciting.  After wearing my Hyperfly, Im pretty sure I know why I kept on searching….I think I was looking for a Hyperfly.

Before I get too into it, it should be noted that I am about 5’9″ and 190 lbs.  I am in shape, very wide across the upper back/arms/shoulders.  Its important to note this because different kimonos fit differently proportioned people well, differently.   But suffice it to say, I have worn Atama, Vitamins & Minerals, Toraki, Keiko Raca, Various GJJ Academy models, and others.  Atama I have always loved but recently their quality and customer service has shrunken, while their pricing has skyrocketted.  No thanks, Atama.  But the Hyperfly impressed me.  Its important to note that after only a dozen or so wearings, I cannot attest to the durability or longevity of this gi, I can only speak to its fit and performance.

Do or Die Hyperfly Gi – White

The fit for me, is unlike any other.  It is quite snug but I like it.  I feel I don’t know, sleeker, more mobile, more elusive.  I know its all in my head but due to my build, I’ve gotten used to baggier fitting tops.  But the A2 fits me perfectly.  I had to get used to the very tight and high skirt on this gi.  Its almost as if it is going to come unraveled, but it doesn’t.  It’s just a snug fitting top that sits quite perfectly on the body.  The weave is light and functional.  My only gripe is the silk screening of sayings inside the skirt of the top.  I know, I know, I’m nitpicking, but I’m old!  I like simplicity and understatement.  I’m really not into others speaking for me with messages either, but I get what they are trying to do here so I guess its a fine trade off.

Yes that black belt is getting shredded, but please, let’s focus on the gi! It is the star of the show for this blog entry 😉

The pants are really, really wonderful.  In an age wear ripstop garbage is plaguing gi sellers and buyers everywhere, a nice super soft cotton pant is like a breath of fresh air.  Fresh, sweaty, pungent dojo air  🙂      The (for lack of better term) crotch area has Hyperfly signature stretchy lycra feeling patch.  I’m not sure if this is useful to me or not – I’m not the most flexible guy, but maybe that is the point.  You dont realize that there is something different in the crotch.  Actually, now that I come to think of it, it reminds me when I was young and worked as a ball boy on the pro tennis circuit.  Our instructors told us that a good ballboy is never noticed.  I think a good kimono is never noticed during training.

Ready for its crotch close up!

So  to recap, I am very impressed with this gi.  Time will tell if it stands the peril of the tatame, but I hope and think it will endure just fine.