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How To Not Learn From Your Mistakes

It seems that my jiu jitsu attention is disproportionately being funneled to the Metamoris events and activities surrounding it.  Maybe it’s because I see this event as important to giving some of us an alternative to the IBJJF. Maybe it’s because I am having trouble coming to grips with the pile of shit that was presented to us in Metamoris 2, but I digress…

Metamoris announced today that Benson Henderson is thinking about “testing himself” at M3.  Hmmm….To me this translates into: “Its pretty much a done deal and we are putting out feelers in the community on this, which we will ultimately ignore if the feedback is negative…”


Here is the problem as I see it, with how Metamoris is looking to gain market share:  You need to run before you can walk.  What I mean by this is quite simple:  Without the dedicated and hardcore grappling/bjj community, your event is doomed to fail.  Not even the multitudes of mouth breathing American UFC fans (who boo within seconds of a clinch or a fight going to the ground) can assist if the grappling community is not on board.  Without the educated and passionate grapplers, no one will buy your PPV stream.

So no matter how stupid Ryron Gracie thinks that I am personally (after all, despite my lifelong pursuit of a BJJ education I am only an ignorant and filthy spectator), I want to see amazing grapplers do amazing things in this amazingly structured event.  


What I do not want or need is another UFC sideshow.  No more Schaubs.  No more running.  No more excuses.  The connection here bothers me.  Just like the nepotistic decision to include Gracie Academy student and good ole buddy Schaub (who has subsequently earned a position in the annals of  Urban Dictionary History with his epic bed-shit in M2), Benson Henderson is a student of a past Gracie Academy instructor program graduate.  The connection (no pun intended, Rickson) is ominous.

If Metamoris is going to realize its potential, it has to stop letting down its bread and butter.  Its base; its nucleus.  It’s us – the stupid moron spectators who are going to give this franchise a pulse.  In our infinite ignorance we plead to the Gracie brothers to learn these lessons and grow from them.  I think it’s official:  My disdain for the IBJJF rules trumps my aversion to being personally insulted by people whose names start with a silent R.  Oh well, you cant win em all….