And On That Day, Not A Single F*%# Was Given!


You have to see this ^ guy hit a banana split….

‘That Day’ that is referred to in the title of this entry should be every day and no, you should not be concerned with your day on the mat.  I mean, yes hold yourself to an elevated standard by all means, but when it comes down to what you are doing, or what is being done to you – stop caring.  New players care an awful lot that they don’t know anything and are the meat that is cast to the lions every day.  By the time your belt turns blue, you care that you hadn’t seen that move before (damn you, YouTube)!  Gotta know it!!!  At the Purple level, you care about defending and projecting your newfound baddassery.  Ya you just became a badass and you know it.  When the dignified Brown Belt is tied around your waste, you care about the obvious….

All of this equates to caring about what is actually happening to you, by the hand of others, during training.  But you have to stop.


I’m not a World Champion.  I’m just your average guy who stuck with it because I couldn’t think of stopping.  I got there, and I think it’s because of what I learned one day rolling with an instructor of mine.  When I pushed him over, he rolled over.  When I did it again, he did it again.  No resistance.  He just went over.  So I stopped and looked at him, suspect that he was playing games with me (over and above the me not being able to do anything to him part).  Then I paused.  I said to him proudly and knowingly, ” You don’t give a shit, do you?”  He looked back at me with a huge smile and eyes wide opened, “Nope”.

This was the big light bulb moment for me.  This was it.  I understood at that point that at my level, I needed to get very good at absolutely every position.  It didn’t matter to me if I was under side control, mounted, had my back taken, etc….I had to know how to deal with it and that could only come through relaxation and proper defense.  Oh yes, that thing I learned in my very first  week – worry about defense and everything else will come.


Flowing with the Go, going with your partner’s energy – you will not only get great at your escapes, but your timing gets better.  You relax in bad positions because you’re used to the harsh feelings and pressure that come with them.  Essentially, many of the things that you can’t be taught in a technique can become refined.  If you don’t care then there is no rush, no propensity to do something stupid, to strain, to get injured.

When I’m old and gray, I expect to be dropping my cane matside and stepping onto the tatami to begin my session.  I’m going to be doing this until my last breath and plan on being as healthy and injury free as possible until that day.  I can’t afford to care.


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