They Say To Never Meet Your Heroes

Not that I considered any of the children of Rorion Gracie heroes…but that family changed my life forever and for that I am grateful.  But the recent Metamoris 2 event really threw a wrench in to my worldview of BJJ/GJJ, one that I had proudly cultivated over almost the last 20 years from my journey from white to blackbelt.  I have trained a ton of times at The Gracie Academy and in my younger years received my blue belt there.  I have a special attachment to that place, but after last week’s Metamoris 2 event, I find myself wanting to create distance and here is why: 

Ryron Gracie’s words after the shameful performance of Matt Schaub, ” …people who spectate have no idea, that’s why they spectate. Great job not jumping into his attack. So many black belts have made that mistake”.


Hmmm……….grrrrrr… know Ryron, those who watch and pay for the M2 stream are almost exclusively BJJ enthusiasts and practitioners.  Many among them are students of the art, students of your father’s, students of YOURS.  How could it be that the entire audience knows nothing?  Could it be that Ryron is the one who is wrong? Is he doing what his father was so adept at – promoting and defending the legitimacy of GJJ as the one and only form of the art?  Perhaps, but the kid is as Eddie Vedder poetically waxed ‘not (his) former’…..

What Ryron needs to know is that we ignoramuses (or is it ignorami?) understand, at the very minimum, the following:

  • Grappling events are for grappling and as such, combatants need to enter grappling range
  • It is next to impossible to force a takedown on a combatant that is moving backwards all the time if the venue has no boundary and/or a steep drop off
  • You don’t signal for the other person to stand up during a grappling match if they are trying to get you to grapple
  • If you don’t want to get on top of someone, your options include:  Execute a takedown, pull guard, do anything…anything at all….for the love of god.
  • GJJ incorporates real techniques that people actually do to others in order to neutralize an attack.  In all my years training GJJ, I have never been told to run away from someone the entire time they are trying to engage me.
  • You pretty much need to touch someone (not only push the head while standing) to actually do BJJ/GJJ


Now, I LOVE the Metamoris format.  Love it.  Im a traditionalist and I think its all about the struggle, the strategy, and the submission – three things that the IBJJF rules obfuscate.  I thought M1 was fantastic.  I would liked to have seen some  contrition by the Gracie Bros but we got not even that.  We got instead, a press conference  where Ralek defended his buddy.  We get an Instagram post where Ryron tells the world they are ignorant.  Am I the only one that feels he lost his connection to his roots?  I just dont know…..

BTW, I have a Gracie Academy gi, heavily used for sale. Just come and get it.  Ill give it to you.


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